Training and empowering a national ecosystem of Indigenous womxn impact investors

Current commerce systems were not built for Indigenous womxn to prosper

So, we are making our own.


Indigenous womxn trained in our impact investing courses


Impact investors have joined our impact network


Of our stakeholders support us

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So special and unique

What makes Sage initiatives so special and unique is that it makes indigenous women feel so welcome and Powerful in a space where we may not have felt that way in the past.

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I believe in myself more!

I believe in myself more. I've had lots of great leaders teach me that you can achieve your goals and sometimes you need a little bit of help

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Indigenous ways of learning

The core focus is so much in values and in community and Indigenous ways of learning and being as well. The realization initiative we're actually able to give the power back to the people and to the communities themselves to choose how their money is being used.

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Make an impact using money as medicine

When I first heard Sage's idea to create a network that centers indigenous women indigenous World Views and how we can make an impact using money as medicine I knew that I needed to support this network.

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